Because I have an incredibly short attention span and a horribly selective memory, I’ve decided to start this blog (that sounds like a new dirty word coming out of my mouth, it’s kinda gross) to keep track of the various artistic experiments that I happen across.

The project-of-the-month is making my own lip balm. Provoked by a friend’s preliminary attempts at lip balm creation, I decided that my passion for hydrated lips combined with the need for a hand-crafted item that I can sell at a low price point can be combined in one glossy tube.

I have that space at Galleria 1712, which has so far proved only to be a drain on my checking account every month, as I have only sold two items in the past 15 months for a grand total of $100 in sales. I won’t even tell you how far in the red I am.

By noticing that items at a lower price sell more frequently, I created a series of digital image transfers sealed on canvas with paraffin wax – something I could create relatively quickly, at a low cost, for a (hopefully) quick sale. Not true. Not working.

Question: So what am I going to do with 30+ pounds of spa-grade paraffin wax beads?

Answer: Make some lip balm, duh.


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