my lips are burning.

I took an informal survey of a couple ladies that I work with, and they were very interested in plumping lip gloss.

Now, how can one make plumping gloss without sticky chemicals? The internets told me that I could use a couple common kitchen spices; cinnamon, ginger, or cayenne.

When I got home from work on Tuesday I threw together some more paraffin, jojoba oil, and a dash of ginger and a couple more dashes of cayenne. Melted them all together, and poured it into an empty Blistex tube. As I was putting the tube into the fridge to cool, I rubbed a bit of the warm wax on my lips just to test it out.

“Hey, this doesn’t tingle at all, I clearly need to add more cayenne.”

So I pulled the tube out of the fridge, emptied it back into the glass ball jar I used as a melting pot, and added another healthy dash of cayenne.


Just as it started to melt back down, my lips started burning. They didn’t stop burning for a couple hours actually.

Lesson – cayenne works, and you can’t taste it, but proportions are key.


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