small victories

Last Sunday I ordered a nice big set of starter materials to make some lip balm. I expected them to be on my porch when I got home on Friday, since the UPS guy should – by now – know that we usually leave a note on the door requesting packages to be left on the porch. Well they must have a  new driver, because I had a call tag on the door, and I have to wait until Monday. Friday night I was nearly inconsolable. Spent all night looking on the internets to find stores open on Saturday that sell raw ingredients. Not a lot of luck.

On Saturday, Natalie (my roommate) was at Whole Paycheck getting some groceries and called me, saying she found raw shea butter and cocoa butter. Well I was so happy that I immediately put on the closest pair of shoes – my snow moon-boots – and headed out to ye olde VitaminShoppe to get the other ingredients I found online.

Oils and such.

I ended up getting mostly things which I didn’t already order online, so I’m not doubling up my inventory.

First thing I wanted to make was the idea I had for a night time balm, so I made this:

1 tbsp almond oil

1 tbsp jojoba oil

1/2 tbsp beeswax

2 mL vitamin e

5 drops lavender essential oil

Lavender didn’t seem strong enough, so I added 5 more drops. Well then it was too strong, so I tried to heat it up enough for some of the essential oil to evaporate out – that didn’t work, so I added 1.5 tbsp of shea butter to try and thin it out. It’s still too strong but I think once I get the lavender sorted out this will be a nice balm. It’s pretty long lasting, and the shea butter and jojoba oil are great moisturizers.

Then I got out my fancy Office Depot digital postage scale and weighed out the following:

3 grams beeswax

4 grams shea butter

4 grams cocoa butter

6 grams sweet almond oil

1 mL vitamin e

5 drops peppermint essential oil

This one turned out quite nice, it’s a cocoa-mint variety. Not too much tweaking needed on this recipe.

I made two more sample varieties, including a Cocoa Coconut (which is just fun to say) and Rosemary with Avocado Oil.

I say a very successful evening. Once I get the basic recipes down I will be graduating to balms with SPF, color/stain, and possibly another shot at the lip plumper. I’ll try not to burn my lips off my face the next time though.


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