i hate technology

alright, so the shopping cart still isn’t working. but right now, unfortunately (or fortunately for me, i guess), i have to worry about making some two-dimensional fine art for a show i curated for the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival which will be showing at New Wave Coffee. hopefully i make something good enough.

anyway! i have resolved the “free samples” issue. what i’m going to do is cut 1″ x 1″ squares of wax paper and put a large drop of lip balm on each, effectively creating what will look like candy dots. each square will get its own teeny plastic  zip-top baggie (or as my roommate so put it, “these are what drug dealers use!”) to safely hold the product until it is ready to be sampled. these will make an appearance at the NAILS booth at the Logan Square Farmer’s Market on july 25th.

…to be continued!!!!


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