on the up and up


Just another vendor.

Selling lip balm went very well at the Logan Square Farmers Market a couple weeks ago, and I’ve had to re-stock twice already at Wolfbait.

Oh! And I have a new flavor – Mango Peach. It’s for sale on the Bonnie website, along with the other 5 flavors I know you all have already grown to love. What’s that you say? You want to try before you buy? Well just let me know, because I’ve got buckets of lip balm samples to hand out. (Ok, not buckets, but a couple hundred). Every website order will ship with a sample of balm (My pick! Hahaha!). And free shipping. You heard me.

Pretty soon I’ll be developing some more spa-tastic treats that you all might enjoy – something along the lines of massage oil candles and sugar scrubs. Probably will premier those at the Bucktown Holiday ArtShow in December.

This afternoon, hopefully, I will be dropping off some lip balm to Mia Mora in Logan Square. Even if you don’t want to buy my lip balm, you should go in there anyway; it’s like the best vintage dress store ever. I’ve gotten 3 dresses from her in the past year and they’re all one-of-a-kind.

Got another shipment of zinc oxide in yesterday, so I can finally make another batch of Lime with Coconut Oil – that one is going fast, I can hardly keep up with it.

Maybe I should try to get a peddler’s license so I can just sell these on the street…hmm. Something else to consider.


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