Just add water

The Bonnie brand is growing, expanding, getting bigger; much like one of those capsule-sized sponges you throw in the tub and 2 minutes later you have a giant sponge dinosaur that will both shock and amaze the water-wrinkled bather.

Rosemary, lavender, and mint

Rosemary, lavender, and mint

But speaking of baths, the newest addition to the Bonnie family is a line of aromatherapy Bath Salts and Bath Teas (scents are still TBD).

Like usual, I’ve done tons of research on Bath Teas and have settled on a combination of dried herbs, dead sea salt, epsom salt, bentonite clay, and possibly some essential oils – although I’m not sure I’ll need them because the scent of the herbs are so strong once I crush them together.

“What the hell is bentonite clay and why is it in my bath tub?”

Well I’m glad you asked. In my extensive studies, I found that adding bentonite clay to your bath has some amazing detoxifying benefits. It has been known to draw toxins out of the skin and absorb excess oil, leaving the skin refreshed.


Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay


There will be only a small amount of this clay in each tea bag, so you don’t need to worry about globs of it clogging your drain.

The Bath Salts will have a similar recipe, minus the dried herbs. That stuff doesn’t dissolve in hot water and just leaves a mess (get it? “leaves” a mess??? nevermind.) It will focus on the skin-softening effects of dead sea salt, along with the soothing effects of epsom salt.


The world premiere of these new products will be at the Urban Folk Circuit’s April Market at the Grafton Pub. Here’s the details:

Saturday, April 16, 2011 at The Grafton Pub, 4530 N Lincoln Ave in Chicago.

Free! Free! Free!

See you there – until then, I’ll be in the tub.


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