Silicones; we love to hate you

Alright, I'll admit that I tried really, really hard to hate silicones. Being that I wanted to pursue an as-natural-as-possible skin-care line, all the hearsay that I gathered about silicones before even researching them made them off-limits in my formulations. I even formulated a silicone-free conditioner for myself to prove a point: I do not … Continue reading Silicones; we love to hate you


It’s All About Ingredients

Beauty buzz-words like "all-natural", "organic", and "preservative (or sulfate, silicone, etc.) free" are popping up on the labels of new beauty products - and even on re-designed labels of tried and true brands. Sometimes these tiny attention grabbers can be helpful. Sometimes they're not. The problem with marketing campaigns for beauty products is that the … Continue reading It’s All About Ingredients