On your marks…

This time of the year (for the past 4 years) has always been very exciting for Bonnie. Emails start rolling in, notifying me of acceptance into any number of street festivals, and consignment stores are getting more foot traffic with the warmer weather and need more items restocked.

I’m now at the point with Bonnie that I am working on her every day. It’s been that way for a while, really, but now it’s not out of boredom with other projects or curiosity to see what else I could make, it’s absolutely out of necessity. I have to produce/update/order something every day, or I’ll fall behind and likely lose a lot of sleep. It’s a good problem to have, most definitely, but my social and personal life has taken a back seat. Actually, it’s in the trunk of the car; I can’t even see it anymore, but I can hear it kicking and screaming to get out.

I was fine being a hermit in the winter, because duh it’s cold and who wants to put on pants and go outside, but the warmer weather makes it more difficult. I bought lily of the valley bulbs like 3 weeks ago, moonflower seeds last week, and potting soil today so that maybe in a couple weeks I can get it together and do a little backyard gardening. Baby steps.

I have three shows in the first 11 days of May. I’m very excited for all of them (especially Dose Market, hello!) but being this organized definitely has it’s challenges. Hopefully, my rewards shall be plentiful.


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